Welcome to the St. John’s Director’s blog!

Dear parents,

The school year has officially begun…and it has been another great start.  We managed to get all students into the appropriate classes, on the right buses, and into the right areas for athletics and activities try-outs.  The halls and fields and theater are abuzz as the anticipation of the new year brings with it great energy and enthusiasm.  Of course, the enthusiasm is buoyed by the recent excellent IB results. With a remarkable 98,4% passing rate and an average score of 33.3, St. John’s scored far above the global average. (click here to see the full results).

As we constantly look for ways to communicate better with our parents and students, we are launching this St. John’s Blog for the Director and invited guests to share ideas and information in a way that promotes greater interaction than a typical “broadcast” e-mail.  This is the first blog from the Director, and next week’s will be from the Board Chair, Gottfried Leibbrandt.

Some important dates:
• September 8 – Meet the Advisory Board – High School C-level at 19:00
• September 9 – Parent Teacher Program (PTP) soiree for new parents
• September 14 – PTP Annual General Meeting at 19:00 in the theater
• September 15 – Middle School Back-to-School night at 19:00 in the theater
• September 21 – Elementary School Back-to-School night at 18:45 in the theater
• September 22 – High School Back-to-School night at 19:00 in the theater

Thanks to all of you who attended the Administrator Informational Coffees this week…it was great to see people gather in the Sports foyer for PTP Welcome Committee and Boosters coffee and then come to the cafeteria to learn more about the school from Directors and Principals.  Please access the presentations here:

• Monday – Director and Deputy Director
• Tuesday – Athletic Director
• Wednesday – Elementary School Principal
• Thursday – Middle School Principal                    
• Friday – High School Principal

We are excited about the initiation of the Accreditation Self-Study as well as the implementation of our strategic plan, “Living Our Mission”.  With nearly 200 new students, 16 new staff members, new and/or renovated classrooms, and new leadership on the Board and in the administrative team, we are optimistic that we can deliver effectively on our promise to families via our Guiding Statements below:

Our vision

St. John’s students live our values to impact the world.

Our mission

St. John’s International School provides an English-language education based on Christian values, demands personal excellence and stimulates individual responsibility within a culturally diverse environment.

Our values

St. John’s embraces its historical tradition and, in particular, the Christian values of:
• Companionship – the gentleness to befriend and strength to accompany 
• Integrity– being true to ourselves, to each other, and to our world
• Respect – of people, languages, cultures, beliefs and values

There are many ways in which you can help us. We ask that you read our electronic newsletter “Headlions” and this Blog, regularly.  We also plan to launch a parent portal for you in the coming months.

Take an active role in learning about what your children are learning and help/encourage them in their work at home.  Asking about what is happening at school can open a dialogue between you and your children, and it can provide you with valuable information about what your children are learning here at St. John’s.

Finally – a plea for safety.  If you are driving, please drop your children off via the prescribed route.  If you are biking, please wear a helmet, pay attention and obey traffic rules.

Enjoy the school year!

Dr. Tom Hawkins – Director

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