The governance of the school

As the new chairperson of the Governance committee of the Advisory Board and a Board member of the ASBL Board, it is important to me to make it as clear as possible to the St. John’s community what the governance structure of the school is and the responsibilities of the ASBL Board, the Advisory Board, the Director and the Administration of St. John’s International School. In addition, all of the St. John’s community should understand the pertinent policies and the way the budget is created-the factors and the influences that all work together to make this such a successful school.

I have been privileged to be a part of the St. John’s community for six years as a parent, past president of the PTP and as a member of the Advisory Board. Two years ago, I was asked to also join the Board of the ASBL Foundation. I know that at times there has not been a clear understanding in the St. John’s community of the functions performed by the two Boards and how they interact with the Administration of the school. In addition, I know that there have been questions raised on how decisions are made and who makes them. Communication is key as is more involvement from the whole community and the need to ask questions and expect answers that are clear and that allow all to know that the school is being in great shape both financially, and administratively.

I am hoping that by publishing this information, some of the concerns will be allayed and that anyone who would like more information will feel free to contact me. I would like to invite interested parties join a task force that we will be forming to serve with the governance committee in order to explore more ways to communicate the governance/leadership of the school. Please contact me at if you have questions or would like more information.

Please find below information on the background of the school, its governance, the roles and responsibilities of the two Boards and the Administration: 

St John’s International School FCJ ASBL (St John’s ASBL) governs St John’s International School. The ASBL carries the memory of the founding spirit and shares this with the School Director, the senior management team and with members of the Advisory Board. The St John’s ASBL is governed by its General Assembly that meets twice a year. Amongst others, it approves the school’s financial accounts and appoints the St John’s ABSL Conseil d’Administration. The Faithful Companions of Jesus (FCJ) have a majority on this Conseil d’Administration, which meets twice a year and oversees the schools activities. It approves the budget, appoints the Auditor, and appoints the School Director. It is also consulted on other appointments of the Senior Management Team.

The FCJ members on the Board and Advisory Board act as a bridge to help include the spirit and ethos of the school’s founders in these appointments St John’s ASBL has delegated the day-to-day management of the school to the School Director. The Director also proposes the budget, drafts the school strategy, and appoints all other employees of the school (consulting the Conseil d’Administration, including the FCJ representatives, when these are Senior Management Positions).

St John’s ASBL has created an Advisory Board, whose members are appointed by the Conseil d’Administration, offering their collective expertise to the School Director and the St John’s ASBL in an advisory capacity. The Advisory Board has sub-committees that prepare the work and views of the Advisory Board but have no authority in and of themselves.

I hope this information clarifies the role and look forward to helping St. John’s continue to be one of the best international schools.

 Pam Showalter