Childhood road safety statistics

Following up last week’s blog post, please find below some statistics on childhood road safety from the World Health Organization (WHO):

• For children 0 to 14 years, pedestrian and bicycling deaths and injuries contribute as a major factor risk factor, whereas youth 15 to 19 years have greater use of motorized vehicles and therefore greater risks to deaths and injuries from these causes.

• Children are particularly vulnerable until the age of 9–10 years, owing to their weak capacity to concentrate attention on traffic. They are considered to be especially vulnerable when motorized traffic is heavy or fast, visibility is limited or drivers’ attention is diverted.

• Many pedestrian-related injuries occur in driveways when backing up the vehicle, usually a sports utility vehicle. More than half of these occur when children are playing or walking behind a vehicle at the time of injury.

• Toddlers (ages 1 to 2) sustain the highest number of pedestrian injuries, primarily due to their small size and limited traffic experience. More than half of all toddler pedestrian injuries occur when a vehicle is backing up.

Please keep these in mind as we try to keep the children safe.