Why the arts?

We believe that art and design, dance, drama and music are essential components of human life, a doorway to a whole new world of expression.

In an international school like St. John’s, with a diverse student body from different cultural backgrounds, the Arts become the language of all students.

Most academic classes exercise the left side of the brain and the Arts enable us to have a balance as much of what we do is, in essence, is “right brain” activity.

Howard Gardner has been making sound arguments for a broad and balanced curriculum based on the theory of multiple intelligences since the 70’s. In the arts we cater to the seven multiple intelligences identified by Gardner.

The students at St. John’s recognize the impact that the Arts have on their lives are involved in a great number of activities. As you read this the MS drama department is putting on a production of “Peter Pan”. Tickets for Friday at 19:00 and Saturday at 14:00 are still available.

Next week on Wednesday 30th November at 19:30 is the 2nd Community Help Service Schools Concert here at St.John’s. Students from our HS Choir, Girls’ Choir, Jazz Band and Chamber Orchestra will be joining in a combined program with students from ISB and the European Schools of Uccle, Woluwe and Ixelles.

On Wednesday 7th December at 19:00 there is the annual school-wide Christmas concert ,” Carols Around the Tree ” with students from Gr1-12 performing together.
Friday 9th December at 18:00 is the first of many student vernissages, the IB 1 Winter Vernissage .

On Sunday 18th December at 17:00 our ES choir will be performing at the Brussels Carol Concert at the Brussels Conservatoire.

These are just the events before Christmas. For a complete look at the events for this year please take a look at the Visual and Performing Arts Calendar that can be found of the Arts page of the website.

In conclusion, as one student said: ”Sooner or later, we will realize it is the best thing that ever happened to us.”

By Cathy Swanson, Visual & Performing Arts Coordinator