It’s a life – art exhibition

From October 21 until November 8 this year, I had the pleasure of exhibiting my paintings at the Art Gallery of St. John’s International. The gallery is a beautiful space for exhibitions because of large windows, open spaces, good lighting and white walls. It was great to see my work in this surrounding.

The gallery of St. John’s is used throughout the year for all kinds of exhibitions, which are related to the school. It varies from work from Elementary School students, Middle School students, IB students, Community Art Vernissage (work from staff and parents of the school) and work from artists from outside the school.

Artists who exhibit their work also have sessions during their exhibition with students from the whole school. They talk about their work, about their inspiration, their education, which materials they work with etc. But also about more abstract subjects such as the meaning of art in a wider context.

I found that the best part of the exhibition was integrating and communicating with St. John’s kids. The Elementary school children were so excited to get drawing lessons and did their best drawing sheep, cows and chickens. the MS children showed some great talent in drawing and insight in art. With the high school kids I had great discussions about art and how art can be used as a tool to express your feelings and ideas about the world around us.

Some of the paintings are inspired by my volunteer trip to Ghana with my daughter Louise last year. I used the opportunity to explain about the experience of working within another culture, help building a school and teaching art and English to children of the village.
Many children showed an interest and some ES children even copied the paintings.

In the spring break of this year I hopefully will be going to Ghana again and will be taking a couple of HS students to join me in the experience of living and working with people from Ghana.

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By Maartje Wiersema