Message in a Bottle has been placed into the Sea of Success!

IB Visual Art Show and Auction on Friday the 27th of April wowed the visitors and showed them the skills and uniqueness of each artist.

Three words, ‘outstanding,’ ‘interesting,’ ‘unique,’ those three words would be the best ones to describe the work of the IB Visual Art year two students. However, the first question would be, why was it called a message in a bottle? While I was interviewing the teacher, mentor, and person who organized this show, Mr. Alan Mitchell, he told me that “a message in a bottle is a way to communicate to people from different distances, especially those far away, and bottles with a message are usually placed in oceans and rivers.” Therefore, the different pieces of art are all-unique and have a different message that they want to express to the people looking at that masterpiece.

In my little adventure through the gallery, I saw all the different individual pieces of work from each artist, none of them seem to be even a bit similar. In addition, each artist was excited to see what people thought of their work since they all have different works of art that they have put up in the gallery. As one guest told me, ‘there is a contrast between each of the artists and that shows through their work.’ Plus, as I talked with some of the artists, they explained to me how they want to tell their own story even if it is abstract, a representation of a famous work of art, or photographs.

“You get to see all the thought process in each work of art,” Ms. Stranquist told me and even though she has just arrived to the show, she was able to see that the excellence in the work of art represents that thought process. Another person looking at one of the art workbooks told me that she was ‘struck to see them [the artists] have a passion to continue.’ In other words, it is not really the fact that they have to, it’s that they want to and it really showed. Many people came to the art show, including Mrs. Brooks, the high school principal, who was stunned with the artwork she saw and mentioned that ‘you see the cultural identity of each artist.’ So I just wanted to say: artists of Message in a Bottle, you did an excellent job and gave the message that you wanted to express go further than the gallery.

 The art show was one entertaining event, but the auction was another different but intense one, with most pieces of work starting at twenty euros. Since the first lot, which was the painting called “The Flag” made by Philip Gjertsen; it showed an active start of the battle for the masterpieces when it was taken for sixty euros. Then, by the fourth lot by Ines Malonne called “I’m guilty” was an intense battle with the Elliot family who did not want to give up bidding and really wanted that work of art. At the end, the Elliot’s won the battle having Malonne’s abstract piece go for 150 euros. In addition, names do no not take out value according to the bidders, as the final price of Malonne’s second piece of work called “Shit” was taken for 170 euros, after another bidding battle. However, Savannah O’Hare’s oil on canvas called “The Gallery” went even higher than 170 euros, making it the highest bid with 230 euros. All money paid for artworks will be given to Rahula Trust, a charity in the UK that raises funds to sponsor the education of some of the world’s poorest children.

If I had the chance to put a message in a bottle, I would say that the art show was a great experience in which you could observe talent, thought, and a message that has been sent to you.

– Brittany Snozzi, grade 10 student