The Flame Challenge

St. John’s is participating in the Flame Challenge’s World Wide Assembly on May 9, hosted by Alan Alda.

The Flame Challenge is an international science cotest sparked by an editorial Alan Alda wrote in the journal Science.  Scientists from all over the world have submitted answers to the question Alan asked as an 11-year-old, “What is a flame?”  Hundreds of their answers have been judged by panels of 10- to 12-year olds from 131 schools, from California to Western Australia, including your local school.  

The judging process will culminate on May 9 in a Worldwide Assembly, a video conference of 10 schools, including St. John’s. The assembly, hosted by Alan Alda, will available for viewing on the Flame Challenge website at 9:00.

Students will talk with Mr. Alda about the entries, the process of judging, what they learned about flames and science in general.  All other judging schools are invited to participate by sending their ideas and questions by instant message to the assembly, and by taking part in the final voting.   The Worldwide Assembly is an opportunity for students from many diverse walks of life to gather virtually, to discuss, celebrate and help decide on the winner of the Flame Challenge.