Spring ISST Success

The spring athletic teams competed at the International School Sports Tournaments (ISST) and did the school proud!

Tennis – St. John’s won the gold medal in boys singles (Oskar Olin) and boys doubles (Arnaud Steiner and Joshua Tewes-McCoy), sweeping both boys competitions. We also won the silver medal in mixed doubles (Rebecka Olin and Ignacy Szweczenko). Our boys finished second overall (silver medal), the girls fifth, and the team combined fourth. These are wonderful results.

Baseball – The boys narrowly missed out on third place and a bronze medal, losing to Cairo 9-6. They won their games against Cairo and ISB in the group phase.

Softball – The girls never gave up, but, unfortunately, also lost their last game, finished in 8th place and have been relegated to Division 2.

Track and Field – The team finished in third place (out of 12 schools)! Here are the results:

JV Girls : 5th
JV Boys : 2nd
V Girls : 2nd
V Boys : 6th
Overall : 3rd
38 Medals in total
Eric Antonelli: Gold 100, 200, 4 x 100, 4 x 400. Silver Long Jump
Sebastiaan Roelants: Gold High Jump, 4 x 100, 4 x 400. Silver 100 Hurdles, Bronze Long Jump
Daniel Graham: Gold 4 x 100, 4 x 400. Silver 400, 800
Erik Larsson: Gold 4 x 100, 4 x 400.
Jessie Renshaw: Gold 400 Hurdles, 4 x 400. Silver 800, Bronze 400
Hannah McKenney: Gold 4 x 400. Silver Discus, Bronze 800
Lovisa Wickholm: Gold 4 x 400, Silver High Jump
Emma Martensson: Gold 4 x 400, Bronze 1500
Mariana Delaqua: Silver 1500, Bronze 400, 800, 4 x 100
Darien Hern: Silver high Jump
Tahnee Lilly: Silver Shot Put
Guillaume Campos: Bronze 400
Fraol Abebe: Bronze 800
Ziyanda Zwane: Bronze 4 x 100
Ashley Montgomery: Bronze 4 x 100
Genevieve Moore: Bronze 4 x 100
21 out of our 24 participants reached the finals and scored points for the team!

Congratulations to all athletes!