St. John’s second graders tour Waterloo battlefields

This week, the second grade wrapped up a unit on The Battle of Waterloo with a trip to town’s most well-known site, the Butte du Lion. Despite initial uncertainties with the rain, the students climbed the 226 steps to the top of the monument. After a very long trek, they got a bird’s-eye view of the infamous battle grounds of Waterloo.

“Climbing the steps was easy. It only felt like eight steps,” students from Mr. Pitts’ second-grade class insisted.

The students have learned a lot about the events leading up to and following the battle which took place on June 18, 1815. They have acquired a great amount of information regarding Napoleon, Wellington and other key persons involved in the battle.

“He was very small and scary,” one student said, describing Napoleon.

“Napoleon said France was too small and needed land, so France could be bigger,” another student added.

During their time covering the Battle of Waterloo, students also had the opportunity to visit the Headquarters of General Napoleon and the Headquarters of General Wellington. While touring, students were excited to come across a wooden leg which once belonged to Lord Uxbridge and a skeleton.  

The students seemed to really enjoy learning about a piece of history that is right in the neighborhood and easy to bring to life in Waterloo.