Sixth grade celebrates the end of the year medieval style

St. John’s sixth-grade students traveled back to the Middle Ages, on Friday for the  celebration of Medieval Day. Kings, queens, jesters, blacksmiths and peasants attended the day’s festivities which included a lot of fun and a big feast.

The medieval celebrations began with a bit of genuine medieval entertainment. A show of jousting, music, acting, singing and dancing was performed for the amusement of the king and queen.

Every sixth grader was dressed in medieval garb, each representing a character which the student completed a project about. Even the teachers participated by sporting medieval dress.

After being thoroughly entertained, the king and queen led their loyal subjects to a grand hall, where a royal banquet was held. Plates were filled with chicken kebabs, fresh breads, fruits and vegetables, and an assortment of desserts. With no silverware in sight, it was a real medieval feast.

The day’s festivities concluded with farewell speeches given in honor of those sixth graders leaving St. John’s at the end of this year. They will all be dearly missed!

What a better way to commemorate these students’ time at St. John’s than with a feast of medieval proportion?