St. John’s recording artists!

This past Tuesday after-school, 10 St. John’s students performed a song called “Forever Young” for a French Film called “Les Gamins” which will be coming out later this year.

The students performed so well and behaved so well in the studio that they were asked to come and record more songs for the soundtrack.

Since these students could not miss school to record, the record company sent a few of their music specialists to the ICP studios in Brussels to record our students. These students will be giving up weekends to record the next few songs and I know they are super excited to be working on this project.

Over the last two years, a few Middle School Girls (Samantha, Louise and Valerie) recorded with the band “Skip the Use” and the French film producer heard it and loved it and called me up to ask for the same girls and some more singers for their project.

You hear these songs on the radio in Belgium all the time.     (GHOST)   (DO IT AGAIN)

Mrs. Knauf – St. John’s Elementary Music Teacher