Fourth grader raises 2,700 Euro for Autism Europe by organizing talent show

My mom always said, “Big things come in small packages!”   This was never truer than last week, when petite Ari Gibson, grade four student, raised almost 2,700 Euros for Autism Europe!

During the summer, Ari and her family discussed her soon to be birthday party. Ari realized that she has been a fortunate little girl, receiving so many wonderful things in her life but that it was time to give back.  Thus the idea to give back to someone else was germinated.   And it grew and grew, with a little help from family, friends and Saint John’s community.

Ari’s idea of a Talent Show for everyone to enjoy took off!  The project meant the involvement of so many supporters – from other Elementary students in the school, parents and the school.  Ari made several announcements at school and helped sell talent show tickets each afternoon. She even created a website – for supporters to learn more about the project.

The Talent Show took place on Saturday, September 15th and raised almost 4,000 Euros for this worthy cause.  Besides raising funds, Ari and her talent show also raised awareness about this condition.

How and why does one little girl have the heart and courage to coordinate such a project? It all has to do with her love for her cousin, who lives with Autism, and Ari’s desire and hope that in a small way, she has helped with further research and education.  It also has to do with the fact that Ari, through the nurturing love of her family, has learned what true compassionship means ….walking with another human being on their journey. Now, Ari is walking with her cousin …and more projects are being planned for the campaign to support Autism!

We are so proud of you, Ari!

Johanna Bambridge – Elementary School principal