St. John’s introduces Mandarin Chinese course in High School

St. John’s is proud to announce the introduction of a course in Mandarin Chinese in the High School, starting as an extra-curricular option this fall. So far, 18 students have signed up for the introductory course of six weeks. A 12 weeks course is planned to start in January while a course within the High School curriculum for next fall is being considered.

As High School principal Mrs. Debbie Brook puts it “China is the world’s fastest growing and one of its most vibrant economies. Language learning in school was historically influenced by a country’s economic partnerships.  Many international schools, geographically a long way removed from China, are looking to offer Chinese. This is a very exciting development. University courses with a language component are becoming more prevalent in the world’s most prestigious universities. Offering a taster course in Chinese is an exciting initiative for St John’s. There has been lots of interest amongst our High School students and we hope that this first group will grow in numbers and popularity.”