Students raise 3,800 Euro for Refugee Center

The 11th grade advisory program has sponsored a CAS activity over the last few years that involves students raising money and visiting the Red Cross Refugee Center in Alsemberg.

A large group from last year’s 11th grade took part in this activity led by Kick Leibbrandt and Aurelia Sauerbrei,  who are now 12th grade High School students. They raised money through various activities during the year and planned a special visit to the Refugee Center and organizing a football match and various cooking and art activities with the residents culminating in a musical concert. This friendship and expression of solidarity with the plight of the refugees through personal contact is valuable both to the refugees and the students who benefit from a greater social awareness and understanding of how global issues impact people lives in both positive and negative ways.

Violet Baerp, the integration officer from the Alesemberg centre, made a visit to the 11th grade advisory today to explain the work of the Red Cross with refugees in Belgium and to receive a check from the students for 3,800 euros. We hope this year’s 11th grade students will take up the baton and continue this important collaboration in a similar CAS project.

By Alan Mitchell-High School visual art teacher