Mr. Kestner becomes 7th grader for a day

On Wednesday I became a 7th grader for the day. My job as principal surrounds me with 11-14 year olds on a daily basis and I go in and out of classes frequently, interacting with this age group. But I asked myself the question “Can I remember what it was like to spend a whole day as a 12 year old?” My classes were double Social Studies, French, Maths, English and double Art. The students were wonderful and really took part in the experience by helping me feel welcome in their world. At lunch I went to sit on my … Continue reading Mr. Kestner becomes 7th grader for a day

Grade 5 Halloween Trail @ Le Musee d’Art Ancien in Brussels

This month, our Grade 5 students discovered the fabulous Musée’s collection through a fun “Halloween Trail”. Pupils followed the trail in groups of 4, answered questions and found many skulls, skeletons and spooky monsters along the way. They also practiced their observational skills by drawing some of the artworks. After lunch, they walked to the Grand-Place to practice their French (each group had to ask 3 questions in French to someone in the street or in shops), to draw the gorgeous guild houses and of course … dig in a waffle!! Continue reading Grade 5 Halloween Trail @ Le Musee d’Art Ancien in Brussels

Mindfulness in the Middle School Classroom

Every day, first period, middle school students sit in silence, clear their minds of what has been and what will be and pause. The teacher takes them through a process called mindfulness. Mindfulness can be defined as:                                                                       “paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally.” We know that practicing mindfulness has shown to offer benefits such as increased self-awareness, better … Continue reading Mindfulness in the Middle School Classroom

High School art trip to London – a reflection

Though I live one hour away from any large city in Belgium, I consider myself psychologically a city person; I absolutely adore the thrill that a city brings me. London was no exception. There were a multitude of memorable moments experienced during our four-day stay in the city-center, but a few truly highlight the great time I had. One was the trip to both the Tate Britain and Tate Modern galleries. We started off at the Tate Britain and made our way to the Tate Modern across the river Thames by boat. The Tate Modern impressed me with its stupendous … Continue reading High School art trip to London – a reflection

PC tablets in Timbertops

In Timbertops we were delighted to receive PC Tablets for the children, two per class. The children like to sit around the table in small groups and are learning to take turns; this is very important as the Tablets are very sensitive. They love to use them to play their favorite games on Poisson Rouge, especially Ten Green Bottles! It’s also great fun to use the Tablets to draw using the 2simple software. We are still in the discovering stage, but we are looking forward to seeing what else we can use them for! Continue reading PC tablets in Timbertops

French book club for 2012-13 has been launched

Our 2012-2013 French book club called LEGERE (to read in Latin) has been launched. We have 33 members that will rotate all year long. After deliberation, our members have chosen 7 fields of interest: Coups de coeur (1):   1. Toni MORRISON (USA): Home/Bourgois 2. Patrick DEVILLE (France): Peste et choléra/Seuil  3. Patrick MODIANO (France): L’herbe des nuits/Gallimard  4. Amin  MAALOUF (Liban) : Les désorientés/Grasset  5. Jean ECHENOZ (France) : 14/Minuit   Coups de cœur (2):  1. Joël DICKER (Suisse): La vérité sur l’affaire Harry Queber/de Fallois 2. Roger GRENIER (France) :Brefs récits pour une longue histoire /Gallimard  3. Ben JELLOUN (Maroc):Le bonheur conjugal/Gallimard 4. Emmanuel CARRERE (France) : Limonov/POL   … Continue reading French book club for 2012-13 has been launched

High Schoolers raise 686 Euro for Annai Erica home

Congratulations to all the students who participated in raising money for the Annai Erika Home during the parent teacher conferences last week. Cebile, Alicia, Lisa, Marie, Joséphine and Magalie were able to raise a total of 686 € and 14 new sponsors. Says Marie des Neiges de Lantsheere, one of the students involved in the fundraising ”This was the very first time, this year, that our new team came into action to help the Annai Erika school in India. Although the idea was simple; selling cakes as well as bracelets at the entry of the parent teacher conference, it was … Continue reading High Schoolers raise 686 Euro for Annai Erica home