Chickens on the run… to Prague!

Two years ago the chickens arrived  in Pre-K!  We welcomed 2 hens, Pipiyak and Gaëtane and a rooster called Kiko. The breed is ‘Silkie’ in English, or ‘Nègre de Soie’ in French. They are our beautiful feathered friends.

Mrs. O’Neill, Mrs. Gahan and Mrs. Limbourg fenced off a part of the Pre-K playground. The chicken project started with children that are now in 1st Grade, it has been very exciting to put this project into place and see the children’s interest and involvement during the first two years!!

During an exchange of teaching practices and experiences with teachers from Prague at a conference, we were asked about our chicken project. The teachers from Prague were very enthusiastic and thought it would be an amazing opportunity to start the same project in their school.

In the spring, we promised them some of our new chicks. We explained to our children where our new little chicks would go. The children were excited that our chickens were going to another school, to other children, especially as one of their former classmates had moved to Prague and goes to the International School of Prague.

We arrived with our precious cargo, first thing on a Wednesday morning. The children were beyond excited when they saw the cage and realized that we had brought the chickens from Belgium.

It was an amazing exchange between us and the students and a wonderful opportunity for us to collaborate with a pedagogical project in a different school. The Pre-Primary  teachers made us immediately feel part of their team and shared the philosophy behind their teaching practices. Thanks to all of you who have made this experience possible.

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