Kindergarten students use bottles to build a maze

True to the Reggio Emilia pedagogy and the Primary Years Programme (PYP), our Kindergarten is collecting recyclable
material for many projects that we will work on throughout this coming school year.

The project we are now working towards is a maze for the Timbertops garden made of wine bottles. Two weeks ago, in our Friday letter, we asked parents to send in their empty and label-free wine bottles and we have been thrilled with the response.

The children have already started reflecting on what a maze is and how they would like their maze to look. This is the start of the creative process by our Kindergartners and we can’t wait to see where it will go.

We hope the children will interact with this maze in a variety of ways. Having different shapes and colors will add to the development of the students’ sensory skills. The sound of rain drops falling on the bottles will engage their auditory skills. The sunshine on the different colored bottles will enhance their visual skills.

In order for the students to observe the changes through the seasons, spring bulbs will be planted in autumn. Some students have already mentioned their interests in observing insects visiting the maze’s spring flowers.

This project will also have a positive effect on the students’ social skills as they will have to listen to each other’s different ideas and work together as a team. Their organizational skills will also develop as they decide the location, shape and design of the maze.

The Kindergarten teachers