Thinkers in action

Our professional journey: departure point –  St John’s fifth grade classroom; destination –  unknown. So how did it all begin? We had been using a range of thinking strategies in the classroom for several years and had been encouraged by the students’ responses. We decided to find out more about the theory attached to thinking routines, questioning strategies, brain development etc so we immersed ourselves in a range of up to date educational literature which was to have a dramatic impact in our classrooms.

Excited and encouraged by the insights into our students’ thinking and their learning we really wanted to share our experiences and strategies with fellow educators.

Our proposal for a presentation at the IBO Regional  conference in Madrid was accepted in June and we were invited to share our ideas and findings with colleagues from Europe, the Middle East and Africa. It was gratifying to realize that what we had been doing in our own classrooms here in Waterloo, Belgium was exciting and innovative for fellow educators and our ideas would be incorporated in classrooms dotted around the globe.  So our journey as lifelong learners continues……..we are curious for the future destinations!

The fifth grade team: Anne-Francoise Verbert, Janie Morris and Keri Johnson