Fantastic Forrestia – 3rd graders enjoy companionship

Recently, the 3rd grade students and teachers enjoyed going to Forestia, a wonderful adventure park where we did lots of activities which encourage working together, team-building and healthy risk-taking! All of that fitted extremely well with the central idea of our “Budding Buddies” Unit of Inquiry: We need to communicate and collaborate to achieve a common goal.

Some memorable student quotes (taken from student reflections):

“My favourite part was petting the ponies. They were soft and cute. I wanted to stay there forever.” Martina

“I really enjoyed the Forestia Field Trip because we were all playing together and caring for each other.” Pilar

“I noticed one of my friends was scared and one of my other friends saw her, so he said he would wait for her and help rather than go on.” John

“I liked feeding the goats. All three goats were arguing because they were all trying to eat the corn in my hand.” Yann

“My favourite part was watching the wolves. When one started howling, the other wolves started howling, too.” Marina

“It was really, really scary. There was a place where you had to climb a ladder and I had this feeling we were about to fall, but we didn’t.” Carole

“I think we should go back every year. It was awesome” Nick and Tadek

“The zip line in the trees was fantastic, it made me smile really big”-Sophia

“Swinging across the ladders was scary” -Abby

“I loved Forestia, I hope I go there again” -Sebastian

“Me and my friends called one of the goats “Fern””-Chloe

“The best thing about Forestia was that it was full of challenges, I love challenges” -Bram 

“Forestia is an enchanting magical forest!”-Joana

“Climbing from tree to tree was easy, peasy, lemon squeezy!”-Elton

“I used to be scared of heights, but when I learned to do it with ropes at Forestia, I forgot all about it”-Ruby

“I used to think that feeding animals was hard, but after the Forestia trip I know how to feed them”-Sarah