Learning French through Art

In October, one French class has discovered  a French artist called Niki de Saint Phalle. She was born in France and grew up in New York. She became famous in 1964 when she started to make colorful figures, first made of wool, yarn, paper-maché and later of polyester. Niki’s biggest project was the “Tarot Garden” which she began to work on in Tuscany in 1979. Niki de Saint Phalle died in California of emphysema on May 22, 2002 as a consequence of years of inhaling toxic polyester fumes while working on her art projects.

Thanks to this artist, the students reviewed shapes, colours and prepositions. Students also learned “ le passé composé ” through the story of  Niki de Saint Phalle. It was a treat for each student to become an artist and to be able to sculpt and paint like Niki de Saint Phalle.

Our exhibition can be seen on Elementary D Level.

Michelle Cornez-Mathot – Elementary School French teacher