High Schoolers raise 686 Euro for Annai Erica home

Congratulations to all the students who participated in raising money for the Annai Erika Home during the parent teacher conferences last week. Cebile, Alicia, Lisa, Marie, Joséphine and Magalie were able to raise a total of 686 € and 14 new sponsors.

Says Marie des Neiges de Lantsheere, one of the students involved in the fundraising ”This was the very first time, this year, that our new team came into action to help the Annai Erika school in India. Although the idea was simple; selling cakes as well as bracelets at the entry of the parent teacher conference, it was with great care that we organized ourselves to be the most effective possible. Apparently our efforts were of great use, as we are very pleased to have collected more then 600 euros and to have found 14 new sponsors. We are therefore very grateful to all those who helped us make this a great success and hope that it will lighten the lives of the Indian students!”