Movember ends with teachers versus students soccer game

Today marks the end of the Movember “no shave” action for a group of St. John’s staff members and students. The initiative aims to raise awareness and funds in the fight against prostate cancer. Movember moustaches were first grown in Australia back in 2003 and have since  spread across the globe. In 2012, the Global Journal listed Movember as one of the top 100 NGOs (non-government organization) in the world. To mark the end of the successful initiative, a game of indoor soccer was played which was narrowly won by the students 2-1. Congratulations to all those who participated and braved facial … Continue reading Movember ends with teachers versus students soccer game

Study ranks best places to be born in 2013

The Economist Intelligence Unit (sister company of The Economist) has conducted a study to measure which country will provide the best opportunities for a healthy, safe and prosperous life in the years ahead. The top three countries for a baby to be born in 2013, based upon long-term economic forecasts to 2030 when they reach adulthood, are Switzerland, Australia and Norway. Half of the top ten are European but only one is in the Eurozone – The Netherlands. The largest European economies do not do particularly well with France and the UK coming in 26th and 27th respectively, and Germany and the U.S. tying for … Continue reading Study ranks best places to be born in 2013

Embracing our diversity in nationalities

As an international school, we naturally have many nationalities represented, usually between 50 and 60 in any given school year. This school year, we are delighted to welcome some new nationalities among our students, including China, Syria and Costa Rica. Our new accounting assistant Toky, however, is probably the most remarkable new nationality addition to our community as she is from the small island of Madagascar! It is such an enrichment to our community to have students, parents and teachers from so many different countries and backgrounds learning together and building friendships at St. John’s. Our students would not want … Continue reading Embracing our diversity in nationalities

Space infrastructures and security

On Wednesday November 14, St John’s International School had the privilege of welcoming Alumnus Phillip Slann in the context of the Speaker of the House Lectures. Phillip is now a doctoral candidate at Keel University and his lecture focused on how outer space security is conceptualized by the European Union and its various institutions. His research is looking specifically at the space infrastructures of the Galileo and GMES programs as case studies for the extent to which measures are put in place to counter the risk of natural and man-made dangers in outer space. The GMES system will aid the … Continue reading Space infrastructures and security

6th grade science: Physical Properties of Matter

After conducting guided investigations of sound and electrical conductivity, Sixth Graders have designed and carried out their own tests of heat conductivity in metals.  Each group designed an apparatus to test a single variable and limit sources of error as much as possible.  In addition to increased accuracy in developing and recording data, safety considerations were carefully evaluated by each group.  Data analysis was facilitated by graphing techniques learned in Mathematics classes this month.  The Sixth Graders’ success in these investigations reflects an increasingly sophisticated approach to their learning in the methods of science. Purposeful exploration, creative and logical problem … Continue reading 6th grade science: Physical Properties of Matter

It all started with a Story Bang…

Story Bang is a convention for people who have written their own stories and tales to show that they can write their own stories. The point of Story Bang is that in 7th grade media class, there is a project to make a clay animation or stop motion and in the END 9 stories will be chosen and made into a stop motion animation. The stories are all posted on the bridge to the PAC. Here are the rules: read a story vote for a story wait for the winner of the competition Date: November 22-29             … Continue reading It all started with a Story Bang…

Art Gallery named after Rita Greene

The board of directors has officially approved the new name of the art gallery to “The Greene Gallery at St. John’s International School”, named after Rita Greene who was the founding art teacher at St John’s. There will be an formal opening ceremony in the present of Mr. John Greene in the spring at one of our vernissages and we hope you will be able to join us for this very special event. The Greene Gallery at St. John’s International School’s mission statement is as follows: The St. John’s International School Art Gallery, named after Rita Greene who was the … Continue reading Art Gallery named after Rita Greene