The kindergarten maze project – an update

Our maze project has developed since our last blog on October 4.  The children planted the collected wine bottles in the shape of a spiral that they designed. We observed all the different shapes and sizes of bottles and the way light passed through the different colors of glass. We all worked together to get the right design for the maze and decide where the bottles should go. Just before the October break we also planted flower bulbs between the bottles.

We talked about the different types of flowers that will grow and when they will bloom. We are all looking forward to seeing beautiful flowers grow in our maze.

In the middle of the maze a tree has been planted to remember Mrs. Mary McGowan, who passed away on January 19, 2012.

Mary was a long-time purchasing officer at St. John’s. As one of the students said “If we plant a tree in the middle, we can remember Mary real real well”.

By Michael Morris-Kindergarten teacher