St. John’s hosts another successful TedXKids event

St. John’s was once again the host of TedXKids on Friday, November 9. After last year’s successful event, we again had 50 kids from schools all over Belgium (including 19 from St. John’s) participate in science-oriented activities.

From 9-17:30, the kids were involved in workshops with mentors:

Greg Gage – By dissecting a cockroach, neuroscientist Greg Gage showed how brains receive and deliver electric impulses.

Aaron Rowe fabricated Electrochemical-DNA Biosensors for the Reagentless Detection of Nucleic Acids, Proteins and Small Molecules

Tito Jankowski – made Plug & Play DIY Pulse sensors with the kids.

Eri Gentry showed that the difference between bubble gum and gummy bears is just a bit of chemistry. In this workshop, they explored the relationships that make up the things we eat and drink every day. By making fizzy drinks, color changing foaming jelly, polymer pudding… then devouring the results! Who knew science could be so delicious?

Many other students were involved in the event: High Schoolers assisted the mentors during the workshops, Middle School students took photos, produced cartoons and maintained a blog (

The mentors were quite impressed with the maturity of the students participating and also with those involved in the event in another capacity. The mentors were all speakers at TedXBrussels ( on Monday, November 12  and several spoke about their day at St. John’s.