Elementary School celebrates United Nations Week in style!

On Monday October 22, Mr. Marco Bianchini,  a staff  member of the United Nations Security Council and father of St. John’s students Alessandro and Pietro,  presented to the children of the Elementary School a meaningful explanation of the work of this organization.

Mr. Bianchini emphasized the background history of the United Nations and especially the variety of tasks that it performs the world over.  A very interesting power point was presented and the children had an opportunity to ask questions about the work that members of the UN are involved in.  Mr. Bianchini shared his personal experiences especially with his peace keeping mission in Kosovo.

As a follow up discussion, Mr. Bianchini agreed to speak with the grade five students at a follow up assembly about peace-making and the importance of this throughout our volatile world today.  The fifth graders found this experience very rewarding as they prepare for their leadership role as peacekeepers in our playground during recess time.

We are delighted that our children are seeing real life application to what they are learning in school.  Thank you, Mr. Bianchini, for your time and generous spirit in sharing your expertise with us.