Space infrastructures and security

On Wednesday November 14, St John’s International School had the privilege of welcoming Alumnus Phillip Slann in the context of the Speaker of the House Lectures. Phillip is now a doctoral candidate at Keel University and his lecture focused on how outer space security is conceptualized by the European Union and its various institutions. His research is looking specifically at the space infrastructures of the Galileo and GMES programs as case studies for the extent to which measures are put in place to counter the risk of natural and man-made dangers in outer space. The GMES system will aid the evaluation and implementation of European policies, which have an impact on the environment, particularly as regards Europe’s environmental commitments, agriculture, regional development, fisheries and transport.

In this lecture, we learned that Space-based platforms can collect and broadcast large amounts of information.  For example, satellites provide comparisons and construction models of complex issues like climate change. They also allow the global community to address challenges in resource management, access to energy resources, food security, and disaster prediction and management. Space Security policies and Environmental Policies assure that space will be a neutral realm.

By Aurélie Neufkens, High School IB Environmental Systems and Societies Teacher