6th grade art class visits local artist

art visit1Last Friday, my grade 6 art students and I visited Belgian artist and sculptor Yves Bosquet at his home just a few steps away from our St. John’s Art Studios. Yves first welcomed us at his front door, then to our delight, he took us on a tour right through his house filled with amazing paintings, carvings, sculptures and all sorts of fascinating artefacts. At the back of the house accessible from the garden, is his studio and workshop:  a magical wonderland inhabited by his wooden sculptures, standing proud and dignified.

Yves showed us his tools and techniques, he shared some of the ideas that inspired him and patiently answered the many questions my students posed.  His passion for his art shines through the eyes of his sculptures and he obviously loves people and nature.  He explained how Egyptian, Greek and Gothic art influenced him.  We wandered around, touching the figures and admiring their fine features.  He gave each of my students an autographed picture book to take home.

“After he showed us his studio, he let us have a small block of wood, a signed book, a carved piece of wood especially made for each of us and a shell.” – Olivia Taub

What a great pleasure, privilege and unforgettable experience! Thank you, Mr Bosquet.

Stephanie Wintjes, MS art teacher