Working together to create Primavera

artmsDuring these cold dark days before Christmas, my grade 6 art class is working on their rendition of the Primavera by Botticelli. Even though we enjoy Winter, we love the thought of Spring!  To inspire us and to explore the magnificent details, we watched the Khan Academy lesson on Botticelli’s classic painting. The Khan Academy explanations and zooming–in-to-the-details certainly enriches our learning.

Learning from the great masters is still a powerful strategy in art education.  Each of the students has two wooden blocks to draw and paint their section of the masterpiece. Mixing the right colours and making sure the blocks fit together to create the whole is a challenge my students are rising to.  Once completed, we will be displaying it in the PAC.

We are looking forward to the Primavera!

Stephanie Wintjes, MS Art Teacher