Our guiding statements and their significance


At St. John’s, we are proud of our guiding statements and what they stand for. But what do they mean, to students, teachers, alumni, parents and families looking for a school?

Our vision: St. John’s students live our values to impact the world. 
Education at St. John’s is not merely a transmission of information or an assimilation of textbook knowledge, but strives to create an existential reality, i.e. the experience of becoming truly human, ready to make a difference to the community and beyond.

Our mission: St. John’s International School provides an English-language education based on Christian values, demands personal excellence and stimulates individual responsibility within a culturally diverse environment. In a spirit of tolerance and dialogue, we encourage students to explore their own religious and cultural backgrounds as well as those of their classmates. The demand for personal excellence addresses the potential of each child rather than merely measuring against external standards. We believe that each child is precious and should be nurtured toward developing self-confident maturity.

Our values: Companionship, Respect & Integrity.
The concrete expression of our vision and mission is embodied in the three values we feel to be crucial. From a long list of desirable traits we have chosen Companionship, Respect, and Integrity, as essential to our identity.

So how do our students feel about these values? Here is a perfect example by 8th graders of how students feel about St. John’s: http://animoto.com/play/IADmCie12Q9Ujc1lyFFzOg