Fascinating math and chess presentation for students by “Mr. Mo”

Mr. Mo
“Mr. Mo”

This morning, students from Elementary, Middle and High School had the pleasure of attending a presentation by Mr. Motwani (third grade teacher at St. John’s and and International Chess Grandmaster). The presentation was a combination of Mathematics, Chess, Mystery and Magic that delighted the audience and provided everyone with lots of fresh, fun, stimulating ideas.

Chess masters think in very logical, powerful ways which can often be applied to Mathematics. International Grandmaster Paul Motwani is an expert in both Chess and Mathematics, and for many years he has been utilizing techniques from one field to solve problems in the other. Now, in “The Fantastic Four”, Paul presented many of his ideas in a highly enjoyable and easily understandable manner for students and teachers.

About “Mr. Mo”: Paul Motwani is a former World Under-17 Chess Champion who has won the Scottish Men’s Championship seven times, and Paul also became his country’s first-ever International Chess Grandmaster in 1992. In addition to writing hundreds of newspaper/magazine/internet articles, Paul has also had 5 books published about chess. However, an even greater love for Paul is teaching Mathematics to students in Elementary, Middle or High School. He has done this at St. John’s for seven years through classroom teaching as well as tutoring, and so his knowledge, understanding and teaching experience are all greater than they ever were before when Paul was a High School Math teacher in Scotland.