It is Mrs. Wallace’s half birthday, you know?

2013-02-01 10.46.25We are proud and privileged to have so many amazing students in this school. They keep surprising us with gestures that show their maturity, understanding of our values and care for the St. John’s community.

Today, for example, as I was doing a recess duty in grade 4. It was raining outside and so the recess had to be indoors. As I was walking the halls, some of the students were frantically working on something. When I asked why they were so busy with this piece of paper, they responded “It is Mrs. Wallace’s half birthday, you know?” It turns out they had cupcakes, gifts, a card and were now working on the finishing touch: a banner for the door for when Mrs. Wallace returned to class after a well-deserved cup of coffee in the staff room.

Imagine Mrs. Wallace’s surprise when she returned to class to “happy birthday”, sung by 2013-02-01 10.34.41

her students! She was genuinely amazed at this beautiful gesture by her beloved students. As her birthday falls in the summer, the students do not get the chance to organize a party for her, so they decided they would just do it on her half birthday. What a great group of kids!

By Marcia De Wolf – Community Relations