Today is Safer Internet Day

image_galleryFor the tenth edition of the Safer Internet Day themed ‘Online rights and responsibilities’, volunteers from Microsoft and Belgacom will be sharing safer internet trainings with our grade 4 and 5 students at St. John’s International School.

Safer Internet Day is the occasion to raise awareness and remind all citizens and organizations that online safety is a shared responsibility. Children love the internet: they send e-mails, chat, game, share pictures, and so on. But as in real life, it is important to teach them how to avoid risks and stay safe.

Making the online world a safer world needs everyone’s involvement. Communication and education are key elements to prevent harmful or unwanted things happening to children. If we want to protect the child’s rights on the internet, we have to teach them the responsible use of it, we have to explain how to avoid risks, and we have to talk with them about internet in an open and positive way. Safer Internet Day is the ideal moment to do so.

By Tebra Page – ES ICT and PYP Coordinator