Winners of Grade 7 animation movie showcase announced!

dsc_2440We are thrilled to announce that Grade 7 Sam C. and Carson M.’s animation movie “Square Eye’s Dream” has won the Middle School Animation movie showcase. The jury’s spokesman Mr. Tom Ryan has announced the vote during lunch recess in the Performing Arts Center to an audience of 80 students, teachers and one parent. Coming in closely to take the second place is the touching and truly inspiring story by Valerie F. entitled “The Miracle“.

A total of 9 animation movies were produced in the autumn semester of the Media7 course. The course included a special event titled “Story Bang”, where students invited the St. John’s International community to vote for the most inspiring personal stories. The selected nine stories were later realized using stop motion animation technique, in teams of three students. Congratulations to all the students!

Miki Ambrozy & Sara Rich, Middle School Media Educators