“The Tutorial Project” encourages student interaction and peer-to-peer learning

IMG_9881One of the most successful pedagogical decisions this year has been to upgrade our grade 7 media course with the “Tutorial Project”. Our goal was to encourage student interaction and peer-to-peer learning within the classroom. In general we always do our best to make sure that there exists a classroom atmosphere where all sources and forms of knowledge are welcome.

What pointed us in the direction of tutorials is the growing presence of video tutorials in online space, and the fact that, in our view, Google searching has practically become a key competence. So we asked students to create video tutorials about something they’re good at, something they feel they know well enough to share with their peers.

Currently we have 12 tutorials in production, with topics ranging from hair-braiding to the mastery of a range of video games, football tricks and tennis moves, acting techniques and how to make a comic. While creating these tutorials, students handle media equipment with confidence, making the necessary mistakes to move on to a higher level of production within a couple of months.

By Miki Ambrozy & Sara Rich, Middle School Media Educators