Today is International Women’s Day!

iwd_header_15To celebrate International Women’s Day, our Elementary School welcomes Mrs. Diana Perez-Buck who presents at a special Assembly this morning. Mrs. Diana Perez-Buck is Founder and President of Mothers at Risk, a Brussels-based non-profit organization devoted to reducing the vulnerability of girls and women living in poverty, so they may have safer pregnancies and deliveries and reach motherhood healthier and better educated.

You probably did not know that one of world’s most admired women, Audrey Hepburn, was actually born in Belgium – Ixelles to be exact! Audrey spent her early childhood between Belgium, England and the Netherlands and was multilingual with fluency in Dutch, English, French, Italian and Spanish. She studied ballet and was a proficient dancer by 1944, so much so that she danced secretly to collect money for the Dutch resistance.

She remains one of few people who have won an Academy, Grammy, Tony and Emmy Award. Based on her experiences as a child of war, she dedicated a significant portion of her life to helping impoverished children in some of the poorest nations around the world. She worked tirelessly for and committed a great deal of herself, status and wealth to UNICEF.