Are you a grasshopper or an inchworm?

Based upon the conference “The trouble with math” by Steve Chinn, Middle School Math teacher Catherine Cooke helps the students understand whether they are “inchworms” or “grass hoppers” when it comes to Math.

As the students begin to understand their learning style it becomes easier for them to overcome difficulties in class and not be overwhelmed by other students who do not think alike.  They realize that when they “don’t get it” it’s not because they are not good at math – they just need it explained in a different way. Try these examples:

  • 223 + 98
  • 223 – 98
  • 2 x 4 x 3 x 5
  • 25 x 96

What strategies did you use?

How many yellow squares?

Post the strategies that you used to solve the problems.

Compare them with some of the student’s strategies (coming soon!) and find out whether you are an inchworm or a grasshopper.