What makes the ultimate expat location?

Tropical-Island-Escape_1So, what makes the ultimate expat location? What features should it have to be the best place for an expat to be posted to? Is it more important to have little crime or does the climate play a role?

These were the top 3 answers in the recent poll we conducted among expats:

  1. great schools (66.7%)
  2. comfortable lifestyle (64.8%)
  3. little or no crime (46.3%)

Rounding out the top 5 were a warm climate and a stable political system. It seems that the presence of oceans/big lakes or mountains are not an important element to be considered a great expat location. Also, a familiar culture and language did not make it into the top 5, despite often being a source of frustration for expats when living in a country of which they do not master the language.

Interestingly, where in a previous survey respondents had said the time/distance away from family is the biggest drawback to expat life, in this poll the answer “within 12 hours of family and friends” only came 7th out of 10!