St. John’s students record soundtrack for French movie

Congratulations to the boys and girls in 5th through 8th grade who recorded the entire soundtrack for the French movie “Les Gamins”. Samantha, Valerie, Louise, Harper, Julia, Richard, Valter, Ladislas, Pietro and Charlie spent several days in the recording studio in September 2012 and this is the result. The movie is now playing in theaters in Europe so our students will be heard by many moviegoers! Take a listen: Continue reading St. John’s students record soundtrack for French movie

Tribute to Rita Greene

The inauguration of the Greene Gallery took place last Friday, in memory of Rita Greene, a remarkable lady. Her husband John, son Ian and granddaughter Savanna were in attendance for this wonderful occasion, along with close to 100 people who also enjoyed the artwork of our very talented IB art students on the evening. Rita Greene was the first art teacher at St. John’s in 1974 and stayed at the school until 1991. She started the art program at St. John’s and dedicated her life to her family and to her school. She will always be remembered very affectionately by hundreds of … Continue reading Tribute to Rita Greene

St. John’s Elementary students become chefs for a day

Norway is approximately 1080 kilometers away from Belgium, but on Wednesday, Norway was close to our hearts! Twenty students from St. John’s Elementary School had the opportunity to participate in  “Project Fiskesprell“ a cooperation between the Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care Services, the Norwegian Ministry of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs and the Norwegian Seafood Council.    Set in the Belgium landmark of the Atomium,  on a beautiful spring afternoon, our 6 to 11 year old students donned their special “Fiskesprell “ apron and followed the guidance of  two star Chef Lionel Rigolet, the lead chef of three who greeted our … Continue reading St. John’s Elementary students become chefs for a day

Student sells honey for a shelter for children and adolescents

After the success of the first campaign, Stephane, an 8th grade student at St. John’s, is promoting honey (the nectar of the Gods) from his homeland, the peninsula of Halkidiki-Greece, to help the ARSIS Home. This is a home for adolescents and children victims of neglect, ill-treatment and human trafficking, as well as to children who are at risk because of domestic or socio-economic circumstances. You can find the honey in the Lion’s Lair: Tuesdays & Thursdays: 8:15—9:00 & 15:00—16:00 and Wednesdays: 12:30—13:30 as well as on the Family Day, May 26. For more information, please check:; Continue reading Student sells honey for a shelter for children and adolescents

Walking the line

Mr. Macdonald organized a fun lunchtime activity for charity yesterday. He brought special goggles which causes people to feel intoxicated, then challenged them to “walk the line”, accompanied by the famous Johnny Cash song. Students proved the goggles worked quite well and made it very difficult to follow the line on the carpet. Even more difficult was trying to make a dart hit the board, for those who managed to walk the entire line: most darts ended up on the wall! All monies raised go directly to charity. Thank you, Mr. Macdonald, for organizing an entertaining learning activity for a … Continue reading Walking the line

Colorful pop expressions by 6th grade

Grade 6 art students have worked diligently to enlarge their self-portraits using the grid method, then today demonstrated their creativity when they colored their portraits in soft- and/or oil pastels. By creating four different colorful versions of each student’s portrait, we will be able to create an enormous installation reminiscent of the Marilyn Monroe series by Andy Warhol. Come and view the final pieces on show at the All-School Art show on Family Day on Sunday, May 26 in the Art Studios. by Stephanie Wintjes, MS Art teacher Continue reading Colorful pop expressions by 6th grade