Cedar style Harlem Shake

Cedar Limbourg StottOne morning one of the students came into the classroom and started dancing, telling her classmates all about a song she listened in her car with her sisters.

Coach Simon came to pick them up for gym from Cedar class and thought that the little girl was dancing to the ‘’Harlem Shake’’ song. We all listened to the original ‘’Harlem Shake’’ song on You Tube. The children were so enthusiastic and started dancing while listening to the song.

We all decided that when we would have a sunny day, we could do our own ‘’Harlem Shake’’ to celebrate the fact that spring had finally sprung. The children decided what they wanted to be dressed up as, such as ladybirds, rabbits, clouds, raindrops, bees.  It has been a very nice way to welcome spring and the nice weather and to be aware and respectful of all the new life around us. We hope you will enjoy our little spring dance!

The Cedar children