Grade 10 World War 2 history trip to Bastogne

DSCN3435On Thursday 16th May, the 10th Grade History classes visited Bastogne, the site of the German’s last major counter-attack of the Second World War in December 1944. We visited a museum in the centre of Bastogne which examines how it was to live in Bastogne during the winter of 1944/45.

We then went to the German cemetery in Racogne, the wet weather did not dampen the students spirits. Near to the German cemetery is the village of Foy – you may recall the Band of Brother’s episode when they charge the village of Foy – we walked to the woods and found some foxholes dating back almost 70 years. Mr Kaufman told the students about his grandfather (who is 96) who dropped supplies to soldiers from his plane at the very point we were standing at in late December 1944.

Our final destination was the American Cemetery of the Ardennes  where we were given a tour and Alec Loges was given the honour of lowering and folding the flag. Jeff Hays, one of the administrators of the cemetery, took us around and explained the history of the cemetery and showed us the three recipients of the Medal of Honour who are in the cemetery and their amazing stories. We finished up with seeing the grave of Andrew Loog, an airman who died in 1943. Without Andrew Loog the world music would not be the same. His son Andrew Loog-Oldham was the man who launched the Rolling Stones and managed them for the first 4 four years of their illustrious career.

Despite the wet weather a great day was had by all.

By Mr Macdonald, High School history teacher