Grade 2 publishing party

picOn May 23rd, we held our final Publishing Party of the year and it was by far our most energetic celebration! The students have been working on all sorts of writing throughout the year during our Writer’s Workshop time. Once a student has written a piece, s/he decides if it is something that they would like to publish. Publishing means editing, revising, and recopying the work so that it can be shared with the public. During the year, we had two other Publishing Parties in our classroom which were attended by members of our St. John’s faculty and administration.

For our final party of the year, we invited parents to join us and we had a great turn out! Several members of the faculty and administration were able to attend as well. The students wanted to try a different setting this time so we asked around and Mrs. Bambridge suggested the PAC Foyer. Needless to say, the students were thrilled to be able to share their work in that wonderful, open hall.  We began our celebration by listening to an author biography about each of our writers. Next, visitors were allowed to wander around and visit tables where students displayed their writing. Visitors also got to sign a comment book-a fantastic way for these young authors to get loads of compliments from a large audience! We closed with poetry recitation-poems that the students had learned by heart… and we had a little snack.

Everyone had an amazing time watching these young writers shine and take pride in their hard work. Way to go GUMSTERS!

By Diane Ajamian, Grade 2 teacher