Elementary School Staff Student Soccer Match

Cheering boysOn Tuesday 28th May the last period of the day was reserved for a much publicized soccer match between Elementary School staff and students. Donations collected at the door were for the Giraffe Project.

The enthusiastic supporters filled the bleachers in the Sports Arena chanting supportive slogans for both teams. The excitement was high when Coach Marc whistled for the game to begin.

The staff team were the first to score and the noise the supporters made was fit to raise the roof of the arena! A second staff goal gave wings to the staff team whose star players Coach Simon, James Pitts, Jon Adams and Tom Hawkins were on the ball constantly.

The half time score was 4-3 for the staff. In the second half the student team redoubled their efforts and the joy of the supporters reached an illegal number of decibels when the final whistle was blown with a score of 4-5 for the students! It was a great match and everyone hopes to have another fun event like this again!

Donations for the Giraffe Project (which sponsors education for children in the Kibale slum of Nairobi, Kenya) can still be put into the box in Miss Jo’s office all week.

Staff v students soccer 010 Staff v students soccer 025