Mr. Jones speaks about time at the end of year High School assembly

‘If you knew Time as well as I do,’ said the Hatter, ‘you wouldn’t talk about wasting it. It’s him.’ ‘I don’t know what you mean,’ said Alice. ‘Of course you don’t!’ the Hatter said, tossing his head contemptuously. ‘I dare say you never even spoke to Time!’ ‘Perhaps not,’ Alice cautiously replied: ‘but I know I have to beat time when I learn music.’ ‘Ah! that accounts for it,’ said the Hatter. ‘He won’t stand beating. Now, if you only kept on good terms with him, he’d do almost anything you liked with the clock. For instance, suppose it … Continue reading Mr. Jones speaks about time at the end of year High School assembly

Moving On Project | media 8

Change. Change happens. That is the title of a short video clip conceived, realized, and edited by Nicolas and Marina for the Middle School Final Liturgy Assembly yesterday, June 25th. Change is the word we think of when we say “goodbye, and until next time” to Mr. Ben Kestner, Middle School Principal and the students who will move on to other schools next school year. You have marked us all in one way or another; we hope our paths cross again here or somewhere else. Please watch the videos here: By Mr de la Cruz – Religious Studies Teacher, Middle School Continue reading Moving On Project | media 8

Grade 6 goes medieval

St. John’s sixth-grade students traveled back to the Middle Ages today for the  celebration of Medieval Day. Kings, queens, jesters, blacksmiths and peasants attended the day’s festivities which included a lot of fun and a big feast. Every sixth grader was dressed in medieval garb, each representing a character which the student completed a project about. Even the teachers participated by sporting medieval dress. After being thoroughly entertained, the king and queen led their loyal subjects to a grand hall, where a royal banquet was held. A great way to end the school year! Continue reading Grade 6 goes medieval

Great year for our athletic program!

St. John’s is a member of the International School Sports Tournament (ISST) organization. There are 16 full-member schools and 7 non-full member schools in this league (23 schools total). The ISST organization keeps count of each school’s performance in the various sports’ ISST tournaments throughout the year and hands out the Eddie Hufford trophy to the most successful school. We are proud to announce that during the 2012-2013 school year, St. John’s finished in fourth place overall (out of 23 schools), ahead of many schools which are significantly bigger in size. Out of the 16 full-member schools, St. John’s finished in … Continue reading Great year for our athletic program!

Three grades are learning in the open air this week

Three of our grades are enjoying an exceptional week: they are having their classes outdoors. Grade 3 is in Spa (in the south of Belgium) for four days, where they have a large variety of outdoor activities while enjoying spending time with their friends. This is their first multi-day school trip and they will return with memories they will treasure forever. Grade 5 is spending four days near Arnhem in The Netherlands, where they will be visiting places to learn more about World War 2 by visiting the bridge in Arnhem that was one of they key targets of Operation … Continue reading Three grades are learning in the open air this week

Grade 5 makes puppet show

Grade 5 students had great fun recently in art class, making puppets and filming their puppet show! Each student has created his/her own character and made it into a puppet using clay for the head and cardboard and fabrics for the body. Then they made up a funny short scene to make their puppet come alive. Each scene was filmed and assembled into a movie which you can see here. Continue reading Grade 5 makes puppet show

St. John’s community enjoys a fun beer and cheese evening

Last night, more than 100 people from across the school community enjoyed a fun social event that involved Belgium, beer and cheese. It started off with little taster glasses of different beers, before the crowd went into the theater to enjoy an interesting and entertaining presentation about Belgium by Alison Cornford Mathison of CheeseWeb ( This was followed by beer and cheese, with Hoegaarden and Leffe on tap and five different Belgian beers in bottles, served with a large variety of cheeses. It was the first event organized by the Community Core Committee, one of the three core committees set up … Continue reading St. John’s community enjoys a fun beer and cheese evening