Grade Two Visits Wellington Museum and Napoleon Museum


The Second Grade went on a field trip to the Wellington and Napoleon Museums as part of our unit of inquiry on history.  At the Wellington Museum, we saw lots of things from the past.  First we found out that the Duke of Wellington was part of the Allied Forces-a group of soldiers made up of men from different countries fighting for the same purpose. His real name was Arthur Wellesley and the Duke of Wellington was his title. We saw a picture of him in the museum. Next, we saw Lord Uxbridge’s fake wooden leg. He was shot in the Battle of Waterloo and wanted a wooden leg so he could continue doing what he loved most-DANCE!

We also saw the weapons that were used in the battle. Soldiers could only shoot a musket once during a battle because it took one minute to reload. The cannon could shoot a cannon ball one kilometer. The cannonball could go through five men and injure the sixth. We learned a lot about the Duke of Wellington and his perspective on the Battle of Waterloo.

In the afternoon, we went to Napoleon’s Headquarters which is now a museum. One thing we learned was that Napoleon crowned his baby son King of Rome and he kicked out the original king. He also made many of his relatives kings and queens in Europe. The weapons used by Napoleon’s army were similar to those used by Wellington’s except for a couple.  One was the saber that is a curved sword. The other was a four shot pistol used by the cavalry. It took about two minutes to load. Other things we saw were a skeleton of a French soldier, cannon balls, and money from that time. At the end of the day, we saw photos from the reenactment that takes place every year at the Butte de Lion. Thanks to the teachers and parents that helped make the trip special. We had a rocking, awesome, extraordinary time at the two museums!

By Grade Two Students