Instead of you, Say Thou

On 20th March 2013, a group of St. John’s Middle School students set off on the Eurostar from Brussels to London to participate in the ISTA Middle School. I arrived in London and we went to ASL (American School of London) to meet the ISTA team and join our acting groups.

The theme this year was Shakespeare … Talking Shakespeare is a strange thing. Everyone was divided into different workshops and my workshop focused on Macbeth. On the first couple of days I found it difficult to understand ‘Macbeth’ however, as soon as you start to understand the language a little more, all of a sudden it does not seem so strange. The words then come to life and it starts to make sense.

We also visited the Globe Theatre which was great but the stage was much smaller than I expected. There were 9 international schools participating in this Festival and it was fantastic to meet other students and swop e-mail addresses. My host family was very kind and they brought us out to Chinatown in central London which was great fun. This was a wonderful experience not only to be shown a new world in the eyes of Shakespeare but also to push myself a little further with the acting workshops.

By Eva Morris, 7th Grade student