Music and drama in third grade

The third graders participated in a music and drama program. We divided into two groups. The music was taught by Mrs. Carlin. The drama was taught by Mrs. Hicks. After six weeks the two groups switched so that everyone was able to be a part of both sessions.

153In drama, we learned different warm-ups.  An example is “The Zoom” where you pass the “zoom” around a circle energetically. Then we prepared a skit to perform in front of the whole grade level. We had to memorize our lines. The skits were based on Bible stories.

In music, we learned how to play together on percussion instruments. We also learned how121 to follow the conductor’s beat. We put together a demonstration of Orff instruments. For our final performance we played a song to demonstrate what we had learned. For the first group, it was a traditional Canadian/Indian folk song. For the second group, it was “Oh Suzanna”.

I hope you enjoyed our report about the drama and music program for third grade. If you are a second grader, you will have the same experience next year and can look forward to it.

By Emilie and John, grade 3 students