Three grades are learning in the open air this week

123Three of our grades are enjoying an exceptional week: they are having their classes outdoors. Grade 3 is in Spa (in the south of Belgium) for four days, where they have a large variety of outdoor activities while enjoying spending time with their friends. This is their first multi-day school trip and they will return with memories they will treasure forever.

Grade 5 is spending four days near Arnhem in The Netherlands, where they will be visiting places to learn more about World War 2 by visiting the bridge in Arnhem that was one of they key targets of Operation Market Garden. They will also visit the open air museum to learn about life in past centuries.

Grade 7 is spending a week in the Ardeche, in the south of France, camping next to a river and spending most of their day in the water – kayaking, swimming and doing other teambuilding activities.

The students who experience these trips come back with wonderful memories of friendships, adventures and do not even realize how much they learned along the way.