St. John’s teachers attend enlightening FCJ conference

“Zest for Life” was the theme for this year’s conference in Liverpool, England. For three days several FCJ schools from Ireland, Great Britain and Belgium met to discuss the history, ethos, vision statement and founding principles that are uniquely ours. Eight teachers representing St. John’s primary, middle and high schools attended this enlightening conference. Central to our discussions were six characteristics: justice, dignity, gentleness, companionship, excellence, and hope. Important questions were posed at the conference:

What sets us apart? What do we aspire to be?

We are an international school that welcomes all faiths. How do the vision statement and the values translate into our everyday life at St. John’s?

Throughout the conference there was a spirit of celebration that we are part of the global FCJ family and we made connections with faculty from other schools that will be long-lasting. The team are looking forward to connecting with the rest of our staff throughout the year to share our experiences and stimulate thoughtful conversations about the ethos at St. John’s. We look forward to more events that will help us to further our relationship with other FCJ schools world-wide.

By Deborah Corcoran and Michelle Stott, Elementary School teachers