Exciting learning projects in 7th grade

photo 1The students in grade 7 have been enjoying a variety of great learning projects in these first weeks of school:

Ms. Rich’s 7th grade social studies students are on a mission to decide and defend, what are the top three most significant events of all time.  Last week we decided that the creation of the universe and earth should be #1- which has led to a rich discussion on religion and science.  In what ways do these two disciplines conflict with and complement each other?  When we had to decide on our #2 slot, we worked on comparing the significance of two events- which was a tough choice between the bubonic plague and the discovery of DNA.

7th grade language arts has been studying literary devices with Ms. Finlay.  She photo 5introduced devices like metaphor and simile through popular music.  Students not only enjoyed singing along to the music, but were able identify examples of both metaphor and simile within the song.

By Sara Rich, Middle School curriculum coordinator