CUB Care provides parents convenience and peace of mind

cubCaring for little cubs is no easy task but it certainly is a joy! Started this school year, as a direct response to our parent community’s request for before and after school care, CUB Care has started to make a real difference in the lives of the children and parents in our school.

CUB Care is a “garderie” service for the working parent(s) – a growing trend in the demographics of our school.  More and more families at St. John’s have two working parents and it is not easy to find before and after school care for students who must start school at 8:30 and are dismissed at 15:35.  But you do not have to “work outside the home”to participate in this program.  Many parents have already found the garderie to be the perfect answer to giving them an extra hour for attending meetings or volunteering in the school – free of children.

CUB Care allows children to stay in a safe environment (the school cafeteria) monitored by a supervisor, who plays, reads, entertains and befriends the child(ren). Students get special attention from the supervisor while also making new friends and the older students are often getting their homework completed!

Parents have expressed their gratitude for the service because they can be much more relaxed about their day, knowing that the service is there, even as a last minute choice.  Parents – often stuck on the Brussels ring road – can now drive in comfort, knowing that their child will be safe and sound at CUB Care.  For those parents who must have an early start to the day, the service gives the same sense of ease and convenience !

If you want more information about this initiative, please contact Jo Taylor (via e-mail at at the Elementary School Office and discover how you can utilize CUB Care, too. We encourage the community to continue coming forward with terrific ideas to help St. John’s to offer the best in programming.


by Johanna Bambridge, Elementary School principal